After a very productive meeting with an eccentric crime boss, the crew’s TRAInS ride is interrupted by a Predator. The streets of Wer Torkei are as hard as a Welythor’s Original. #TimursRollingAutomaticInertiaShuttle #Blessed

Spyridon Alexopoulos: DM
Adam Hajnos: Threta Gunburg – Human Swarm Ranger
Nemanja Simeunovic: Keith – Half-orc Rune Knight
Nic Prince: Cosmos Gliterbum – Fairy Gunslinger
Bill Toft: Samson Threadwell – Gnome Rogue
Cody Johnson: Bienor The Conveyor – Centaur Monk/Cleric/Bard

Music by Bryan Voyles (tomothyvoyler on Instagram)

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Produced and Edited by Cody Johnson and Adam Hajnos