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Published August 28, 2019

The battle continues and finally ends. Production note: due to circumstances beyond our control, the Dragnet story arc will be on a short hiatus after this episode. Come back next week when we start a new one. We’ll finish this story in a few weeks.

Adam Hajnos: Rufus Tosscobble
Spyridon Alexopoulos: Agamemnon Coffax
Nemanja Simeunovic: Randall Amakir
Nic Prince: Al Fishtanks
Tyler Conrad: Jirya Pomyirru
Cody Johnson: DM

Music by Bryan Voyles (tomothyvoyler on Instagram)

Check out Spyridon’s Art (spyrosketches on Instagram) at

Produced and Edited by Cody Johnson and Adam Hajnos

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