We have a full room as we start on a new journey with old friends. We take the casts of the Speed episodes and the Dogma episodes and put them on a case to investigate a sinister group called P.A.G.A.N.

Adam Hajnos: Rufus Tosscobble
Spyridon Alexopoulos: Agamemnon Coffax
Nemanja Simeunovic: Randall Amakir
Nic Prince: Al Fishtanks
Tyler Conrad: Jirya Pomyirru
Cody Johnson: DM

Music by Bryan Voyles (tomothyvoyler on Instagram): http://soundcloud.com/bryan-voyles

Check out Spyridon’s Art (spyrosketches on Instagram) at http://www.spyrosketches.com/

Produced and Edited by Cody Johnson and Adam Hajnos